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      "It's awesome! It is always there in front of you. You don't have to worry about leaning side to side to hear either. You can talk and always have your eyes on the suspect".

Officer Mike Ramirez, LVMPD

"It allows you to maneuver the radio to your mouth instead of your mouth to the radio. Always allows you to keep eyes on the suspects. Great for officer safety".

Officer Jake Von Goldberg, LVMPD

"I love the officer safety and ease of use. I maintain visual of my suspects and surroundings when using the radio. A must have!"

Officer Paolo Deleon, LVMPD

"I bought the cop chain from my partner Bryon 4 years ago and I still have it today. I love it because its convenient to quickly take control of my radio mic and yet gives me better range around my chest area. It also benefits me when I'm in a struggle, foot pursuit, or drawing down on a suspect. It's nice knowing my mic is always there and secure and not swinging all over the place in desperate times. Get one today!"

Officer Joey Hernandez, LVMPD

"It's a great product, very convenient, strong, and simply the most tactical mic holder out there today. Mics on the shoulder days are over thanks to the cop chain. Get it today!"

Officer Jeff Lange, LVMPD

"I can recall many instances when I was in a foot pursuit or in a confrontation with a suspect where my radio mic came unhooked from my shirt posing a severe officer safety issue. I've been using the cop chain for 4 years now and never has my mic fallen off. the cop chain also places the mic in the middle of my chest where i can access it safely and effectively every time. You can also bring the mic to your mouth so you don't have to turn your head or look away. When the need arises you simply drop the mic and the cop chain will keep it secure to your chest allowing you to go hands on immediately. A must have!"

Officer Keith Adams, LVMPD

"Great quality. fast and easy to use and wear.I wouldn't go on duty without it. Get it!"

Officer Luciano Gonzales, LVMPD

" I love the cop chain, I've been wearing it for years and nothing compares to it. It is the best, tactical mic holder on the market. Being able to use either hand and always looking at the situation in front of you is priceless. The officer safety it provides is well worth the money, and your life.

Officer Anthony Pecorella, HPD

"Have a safe tour of duty, and make a difference".

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