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Lose the shoulder mic, buy the best tactical mic holder available!

What  is  the  Cop  Chain?

     The cop chain is a tactical radio mic holder used for better officer safety. The cop chain is perfect for men and women in the security and law enforcement professions.

Why do I need this?

    Tactically it makes sense. The cop chain is the best and most tactical, and most comfortable mic holder available. The positioning of the mic on your shoulder is just outdated. I've learned over the past 12 years in law enforcement, with the mic on your shoulder you have to turn your head constantly, taking your eyes off the suspect, using your weak hand to key the mic or sometimes even your gun hand. This puts officers at risk constantly every time they go to use the radio. Not to mention it can become uncomfortable for those with a large muscular build.

      The cop chain never moves. period. While using your radio you can keep both eyes on your suspect and or situation in front of you. When you are done transmitting you simply let go of your mic and it will fall right back to the exact same spot it was. You don't have to look or worry about where it might end up. Let's say the suspect takes off running, the cop chain will keep your mic tight to your chest, you can key the mic and give out all the pertinent information with either hand, it's completely ambidextrous, all while keeping a visual of whats in front of you. Let's say you lose sight of the suspect and take a perimeter spot up on a wall or any other tactical position, you can again give out info while you have your gun out at low ready, all with ease knowing your mic is right there! Every time.

      I've had friends tell me about when they got into fights with suspects, their mic would fall off their shirts and hit them in the face. This will never happen with the cop chain! I've been in so many scuffles I can't even begin to count. The cop chain has never let me down. It's never moved from it's original position and has never hit me in the face. You can key the mic for help much easier when its right under your mouth tight against your chest while having another arm free to keep the suspect at bay. If by chance the suspect had a hold of you and or the chain, he wouldn't be able to hurt you or choke you with it, the chain will just simply break with about 40lbs of pulling pressure.(not nearly enough to hurt you). You wont have to reach back or up to your shoulder putting yourself at a weaker advantage, or exposing your side where the vest sometimes doesn't cover thoroughly. You get to keep both hands in front of you, where they should be, protecting your life. In fact again, It's tactically just better! The officer safety it provides is priceless. I'll never forget the video of the state trooper who when confronted a suspect with a gun, reached up to key his mic for help when the suspect fired one round striking him just under the arm he was using to key the radio. That one round went through his side into his lungs killing him.(god bless him and his family) Something so simple as not having to raise your arm could save your life.
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